Seeing is believing.

And our eyes are wide open. At Panorama Innovation, we shine a light and dig deep.
We exist to understand your customers. By observing people and how they experience the world, we find solutions that others miss.

We are collaborators. We are problem – solvers.

Using design to inform decision-making, we translate behavioral and experiential insights into action and help our clients move quickly to what’s next.
Our depth of experience and broad thinking allow us to rapidly get up to speed, make connections, and see well below the surface. Creativity, empathy, and flexibility are at the core of everything we do.

How can we help you?

Understand users & customers

We help you identify and more deeply know your target customer and their needs in order to create human-centered products, services, and systems.

Create something new

Using in-depth ethnographic research and experience design methods, we help you create game-changing offerings that resonate with your customers.

Invigorate products & offerings

With deep user-driven insights, we help you refine current offerings and better position them for growth.

Build Innovation capabilities

We help you better leverage your creative capacity by growing your team’s expertise and extending their reach.

We take you from insights to innovation to action.

We know the right tools to meet each challenge. Using design thinking methods to identify opportunities for growth, we act as an extension of your team and ensure that new knowledge is woven into each project and beyond.

Integrating your business goals, brand and offerings, industry context, and customer experience, together we envision and create new products and new futures.


  • We get below the surface with users to tap into their emotions, needs, and desires. Using contextual inquiry, digital anthropology, participatory design, and ethnography, we understand users where they live, work, and play. Customer profiles and journeys, design principles, and high-impact opportunity spaces drive concept creation and evaluation.

  • We design and facilitate collaborative, participatory sessions focusing on the co-creation, investigation, evaluation, and refinement of new concepts and potential solutions. We explore strategy and impact through storytelling, scenarios, use cases, focused ideation, and rapid prototyping

  • Through coaching and talent development, we work with companies to cultivate a human-centered perspective and build internal design thinking capabilities.

Our Team

Partner, CEO
Kelly Costello
Partner, COO
Dana Fell
Strategy Director
Roger Mader
Research and UX Lead
Jennifer Berzansky
Communication Designer
Gretchen Kelly

Our clients

Contact us:

Kelly Costello
Chicago, IL

Dana Fell
Calgary, AB